FWP+: Limit size of posts

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  • Author: Charles Johnson
  • License: GPL
  • Compatibility: WordPress 1.5.x – 3.0.x with FeedWordPress 2010.0127 or later.
  • Status: Supported and mature. Bug fixes released as necessary.


FWP+: Limit size of posts is an add-on module for the FeedWordPress aggregator, which allows you to limit the size of incoming syndicated posts by excerpting a certain number of words, sentences or characters from the content, or by locating “Read More…” break-points that the original author used on the source website.

You can choose to have posts that exceed that length simply cut off, or to have the remainder of the post hidden behind a “Read More…” break. For more details, see Usage.


The time necessary for initial coding, testing, and enhancements and upgrades for FWP+: Limit size of posts was made possible by gifts from four generous donors, who also helped to test the module as it was developed. Thank you all!


Version 2010.1011 of FWP+: Limit Size Of Posts is now available: sentence counts, break-points, and much, much <!–more–>

I’m pleased to announce that version 2010.1011 of FWP+: Limit Size Of Posts is now available for download.

This release introduces several new features to provide more refined control over how to limit the size of posts, and what should happen when the size of a post is limited:

  • You can now choose whether a post that exceeds the size you set should be simply cut off, or should have the remainder of the post hidden behind a “Read More…” break.

  • You can now choose to limit the size of posts by number of characters, word count, or number of sentences.

  • You can also choose to have the filter attempt to locate break-points that were inserted into a story by the original author on the source website. (I.e., points where the remainder of the story is hidden behind a “Read More…” jump — the kind of break you would use <!--more--> to create in WordPress. FWP+: Limit Size Of Posts is capable of automatically detecting break-points from most popular blogging platforms, including WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal. If you opt to use this method, the filter will first look for a manual break-point, and, only if it cannot find one, it will fall back on any other length-limiting rules that you may have set up.

Many thanks for this release are due to Karl Haro von Mogel, whose generous donations helped make it possible for me to devote the time needed to make these improvements to the add-on.

Now available: FWP+: Limit size of posts

I’m happy to announce the initial release (2010.0120) of FWP+: Limit size of posts, an open-source add-on module for the FeedWordPress feed syndication tool. Limit Size of Posts provides a simple interface for limiting the size of incoming syndicated posts to no more than a fixed number of words, or a fixed number of characters.

The module can be installed and activated like a normal WordPress plugin. Once activated, it will add a new section to the Syndication –> Posts & Links settings, which allows you to control whether syndicated posts will be limited in length, and if so, what the limit on the length will be. Posts that exceed the length you set (in words or characters) will be excerpted, with an ellipsis () added at the point where the post was broken off.

(As an advanced feature, you can actually control and alter the string that appears at the end of a size-limited post; for an illustration of how to do this, see the included fwplsop-read-more-link.php module, which demonstrates how to change the string from an ellipsis to a link back to the full text of the article at its original source.)

Compatibility with Add Attribution for FeedWordPress. Please note that this add-on module has a potential conflict with older versions of Add Attribution for FeedWordPress. In order to ensure compatibility, all you need to do is download and install the most recent release of Add Attribution (version 2010.0207 as of this writing) in place of older versions of the add-on.

Download and enjoy! As always, if you have any issues with the release, or if there is anything that you would like to see included in a future release, please use the comments form or drop me a line to let me know about it.