FWP+: Limit size of posts

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  • Author: Charles Johnson
  • License: GPL
  • Compatibility: WordPress 1.5.x – 3.0.x with FeedWordPress 2010.0127 or later.
  • Status: Supported and mature. Bug fixes released as necessary.


FWP+: Limit size of posts is an add-on module for the FeedWordPress aggregator, which allows you to limit the size of incoming syndicated posts by excerpting a certain number of words, sentences or characters from the content, or by locating “Read More…” break-points that the original author used on the source website.

You can choose to have posts that exceed that length simply cut off, or to have the remainder of the post hidden behind a “Read More…” break. For more details, see Usage.


The time necessary for initial coding, testing, and enhancements and upgrades for FWP+: Limit size of posts was made possible by gifts from four generous donors, who also helped to test the module as it was developed. Thank you all!