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  • Author: Charles Johnson
  • License: GPL. See source code for details on the provenance of the code.
  • Status: Actively supported, but basically complete. See News for updates about bug fixes or other tweaks.

This plugin implements a Humanized History feature for WordPress archives, using some PHP glue on the back end and some unobtrusive JavaScript on the front-end. In JavaScript-enabled browsers, Humanized History eliminates the need for users to click on “previous posts” links to read back through your archives; instead, when users get near the bottom of the current page of posts, the included JavaScript automatically displays more posts for them at the bottom of the page, providing a magic endless scrollbar that scrolls through your entire archives, in place of traditional page chunking.

Search robots and browsers without JavaScript enabled will see the same old pages with previous page/next page links, so you lose nothing in accessibility or friendliness to search engines.

The plugin was inspired by the discussion of the concept by Aza Raskin at Humanized (2006-04-25): No More Pages?. To see a sample of the feature as implemented in WordPress, go to and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Don’t make your readers ask you for more content. Just give it to them.



Humanized History URI and directory fixed

Thanks to some help from the folks at the WordPress Plugin Directory, the URI and the plugin directory for Humanized History for WordPress are no longer affected by my boneheaded typo. You can now review and download the plugin from the URIs that God intended, and Enjoy!

Humanized History 2008.02.10 released

Version 2008.02.10 of Humanized History for WordPress is now available for download.

This release fixes a bug in the initial release, version 2007.10.08, which could cause the plugin to insert inappropriate HTML code into your blog’s feeds (thus making them invalid Atom or RSS) under certain conditions.

It is also the first public release of Humanized History to be listed in the WordPress Plugins Directory and hosted in the WordPress Plugins Repository. This has required a bit of re-arranging in plugin files; if you notice anything that seems amiss, let me know.

Incidentally, the current URI for my plugin,, is the result of making a typo in the process of applying for the hosting. I have written in to the Repository administrators to get it fixed to what it should be, I don’t know how long it will take to get it fixed. But in any case, in the meantime, I’ll just say here that, in spite of the URI, my plugin has nothing in particular to do with FeedWordPress, except in that they are both written by the same author. You can happily use Humanized History without FeedWordPress, or FeedWordPress without Humanized History, or both together at the same time, as you prefer.