Humanized History 2008.02.10 released(posted on 10 February 2008)

Version 2008.02.10 of Humanized History for WordPress is now available for download.

This release fixes a bug in the initial release, version 2007.10.08, which could cause the plugin to insert inappropriate HTML code into your blog’s feeds (thus making them invalid Atom or RSS) under certain conditions.

It is also the first public release of Humanized History to be listed in the WordPress Plugins Directory and hosted in the WordPress Plugins Repository. This has required a bit of re-arranging in plugin files; if you notice anything that seems amiss, let me know.

Incidentally, the current URI for my plugin,, is the result of making a typo in the process of applying for the hosting. I have written in to the Repository administrators to get it fixed to what it should be, I don’t know how long it will take to get it fixed. But in any case, in the meantime, I’ll just say here that, in spite of the URI, my plugin has nothing in particular to do with FeedWordPress, except in that they are both written by the same author. You can happily use Humanized History without FeedWordPress, or FeedWordPress without Humanized History, or both together at the same time, as you prefer.


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