FWP+: Open links in new windows

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  • Author: Charles Johnson
  • License: GPL
  • Compatibility: WordPress 1.5.x – 3.0 with FeedWordPress 2009.0612 or later.
  • Status: Supported and mature. Bug fixes released as necessary.


FWP+: Open links in new windows is an add-on module for the FeedWordPress aggregator, which allows you to automatically rewrite links within the content of posts that FeedWordPress syndicates, so that the links within the body of the post will open in a new browser window (using a target="_blank" attribute, for what that’s worth).

Please note that this add-on does not change the way that the permalink from the title of the post opens: even after you activate this plugin, that permalink will go on opening in the same window, unless you have taken alternative steps to make it open in a new window. I’d like to have offered an option to change how the permalink in the post title opens up, but unfortunately the templating system in WordPress makes that impossible to do from a plugin. If you’d like the permalinks for post titles open in a new browser window, see FeedWordPress: How do I make the permalinks for post titles open in a new browser window?

To install the add-on, simply download the installation package for the latest version, unzip the contents, and drop the module into your wp-content/plugins directory. Then activate the add-on like any other WordPress plugin. (For more on installing and managing WordPress plugins, see WordPress: Managing Plugins.)

Once the add-on is installed and activated, it should work automatically, without needing any further input from you.