Version 1.3 (initial release)(posted on 20 October 2004)

The initial release of PHP SimpleComments is now available for download. In spite of being an initial release, this one is numbered 1.3; that’s because it’s been written to duplicate, more or less exactly, the functionality of the Perl SimpleComments version 1.3. As new versions of SimpleComments are released, new versions of PHP SimpleComments will be released to match them.

This release of 1.3 has been written for, and tested with, dynamic publishing under MovableType 3.11. It should be forward-compatible, but I don’t know if it is compatible with older releases of MT3. (Let me know in comments if you have any successes or any problems; if there are compatibility problems that can be fixed, I’ll do my level best to fix them and put out a new release.)


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    This is a simple port of SimpleComments. Everything you need to know about it as a plugin you can get from Kalsey’s information about SimpleComments; the only thing new is that PHP SimpleComments allows you to use SimpleComments tags in…