PHP SimpleComments is obsolete.(posted on 24 March 2005)

PHP SimpleComments is obsolete, and will not be updated.

I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, but never got around to it until I put up my new Projects page. You may have noticed that PHP SimpleComments has not been updated since version 1.31, even though SimpleComments is now at 1.32. That’s because PHP SimpleComments is no longer necessary: SimpleComments now comes bundled with a PHP plugin for dynamic templates by Brad Choate. Continuing to use PHP SimpleComments won’t cause you any harm that I know of, but since all new versions of SimpleComments will come with equivalent PHP plugins in the box, I won’t be updating PHP SimpleComments to match them.

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  1. Gary LaPointe says:

    I can’t find/figure out where/which this plug in is. Can you more directly point me?

    Thanks, Gary