Add Attribution 2009.0724 fixes bug in [author] shortcode(posted on 24 July 2009)

Add Attribution for FeedWordPress 2009.0724 is now available for download.

This release fixes a bug in the initial release, reported by Stephanie, which caused PHP to throw a fatal error if you attempted to use the [author] shortcode in your attribution boilerplate. The problem is now fixed, and [author] should display the author’s name, and if attached to the post content, a link to the archive of articles by that author. (That is, articles that have been syndicated on your site. If you want a link to the author’s original homepage, use the [source] shortcode.)

Download and enjoy! As always, you have any issues with the release, or if there is anything that you would like to see included in a future release, please use the comments form or drop me a line to let me know about it.


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  1. Lester says:

    cheers for the plugins. I am creating a news aggregtor site and they are very useful.

    One feature I would like to see added in the future is the ability to add an image to each synidcated feed. For example I might want to add a US flag to all US based blogs, UK flag to UK blogs etc

    But all good stuff.

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